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Peking University


Song Wang received his B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy from Peking University and a Ph.D. in East Asian Buddhism from the International College for Postgraduate Buddhist Studies, Tokyo. Prior to teaching at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies of PKU in 2005, he conducted his postdoctoral research in the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. He has been teaching Chinese and Japanese Buddhism at PKU and became full professor in 2016. He has published three books: A Study on the Thought of the Huayan School in the Song DynastyJapanese Buddhism: From the Beginning till 20th century, and A Critical Annotation and Study on the Huayan Fajie Guanmen, in addition to numerous papers on East Asian Buddhism in Chinese, Japanese and English.

His publication with WSP is:

  • Chinese Transformation of Buddhism & Crossborder Transmission of Buddhism: Pan-Asian Spread of Tiantai/Ch’ŏnt’ae/Tendai Texts, Ideas and Practices and Its Position in East Asian SocietySeries on Famed Mountains and Great Temples III. Edited by Jing YUE 月淨, Jinhua CHEN 陳金華, and Song WANG 王頌, 2022.

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