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About Us

Singapore, a prosperous trading hub for both culture and goods, is located between the East and West. Known for its multicultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity, maintains Chinese cultural tradition from southern coastal areas of China, while incorporating Southeast Asian Malay culture and the Indian culture from the South Asian subcontinent. The European continent, too, represented by Britain, has left its mark on the construction of the local political system.

Rooted in this open and diverse cultural landscape, World Scholastic Publishers (WSP) was established in Singapore in 2019. As a base for further research and publication in the humanities, it is an emerging academic press featuring bilingual publications in English and Chinese, with a focus on humanities disciplines such as religion, philosophy, history, sociology, and literature.

Research-wise, WSP pays special attention to interdisciplinary, cross-border, and cross-disciplinary research, as well as the promotion of new generations in the research community.

From the very beginning, many world-class scholars entered the list of its authors and/or editors of the books and journals published by WSP, including Timothy H. Barrett, Jinhua Chen, Max Deeg, George Keyworth, Michael Radich, Bangwei Wang, Haiyan Hu-von Hinüber, and many more.

All works WSP has published and will publish are thanks to a team of professional editors and consultants, and the unfailing support of colleagues in the academic community.

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