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Rey-Sheng HER

Tzu Chi University / Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation


Dr. Rey-Sheng Her is an Associate Professor of the Institute of Religion and Culture at College of Humanity and Social Science, Tzu Chi University; and the Spokesman and Director of Humanity Development of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, which runs the largest, faith-based NGO in the Chinese world. Dr. Her received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Peking University. Master of Art on Communication Management, the Annenberg School for Communication of the University of Southern California.

In 2010, Professor Her initiated the “Tzu Chi Forum”, and has been a co-organizer since. The forum serves as a platform for all Buddhists and NGO scholars to discuss the topics of the philosophy of humanistic Buddhism and its applications to charity, environment and organizational management. For decades, Dr. Her has been devoted to research in the fields of Buddhist philosophy, especially Humanistic Buddhism, both on theoretical and empirical perspectives, and the Management and Operations of RNGO (Faith-Based NGO).

His publication with WSP is:

  • Shan jingji: Fojiao jingjixue de lishi beijing yu xiandai zhanwang 善經濟:佛教經濟學的歷史背景與現代展望 [Good Economy: Historical Backgrounds and Modern Perspectives for Buddhist Economics]. Shanxue yanjiu congshu 善學研究叢書 [Goodness Studies Series] I. Co-edited by CHEN Jinhua 陳金華 and Rey Her 何日生, 2020.

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