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BAI Zhaojie

Institute of Philosophy, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences


Bai Zhaojie, born in 1985, received his PhD in philosophy from the University of Macau in 2016. He is currently an associate researcher at the Institute of Philosophy, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, and also serves as the director of the Center for Classical Studies of Taoism. Bai, who has published dozens of papers in important academic journals at home and abroad, is dedicated to the study of Daoism and has made contributions in the fields of Daoist scriptures, institutions, biographies, inscriptions, and rituals. He has published the monograph Zhenghe ji Zhidu hua: Tang Qianqi Daojiao yanjiu (整合及制度化:唐前期道教研究, Integration and Institutionalization: A Study of Pre-Tang Dynasty Taoism), Shengseng de Duoyuan Chuangzao: Putidamo ji Qita (聖僧的多元創造:菩提達摩及其他, The Pluralistic Creation of the Sacred Monks: Bodhidharma and Beyond), Paoying Ji: Xinjian Tangdai Daoshi beizhi Yiyi Juli (泡影集:新見唐代道士碑誌疑義舉例, Bubble and Shadows: Certain issues concerning the newly found Tang Dynasty Daoist stele inscriptions) , Shizimen nei Piao Fayu: Aomen Dangdai Fojiao Wenti Yanjiu (十字門內飄法雨:澳門當代佛教問題研究, The Rain of Dharma Inside the Cross Gate: A Study of Contemporary Buddhist Issues in Macau); and the translation of Studies in medieval Taoism and the poetry of Li Po (by Paul W. Kroll, 李白與中古宗教文學研究). He has also translated Politics and Transcendent Wisdom by Charles D. Orzech.

His publication with WSP includes:

  • Orzech, Charles D.  (trans. Bai Zhaojie 白照傑; collated by Pei Changchun 裴長春 and Ji Yun 紀贇). Zhengzhi yu bore: Zhongguo Fojiao chansheng zhong de Renwang jing 政治與般若——中國佛教產生中的《仁王經》 [Politics and Transcendent Wisdom: The Scripture for Humane Kings in the Creation of Chinese Buddhism]. Hualin Foxue Yicong 華林佛學譯叢 [Hualin Translation Series on Buddhist Studies] IV, 2021.

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